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Tbilisi Half Day Tour

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3-5 Hours Tour

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You start wandering in the magical streets of Tbilisi  and on every step of your adventure you discover something new, something amazing. Narrow streets that are something else, packed with teeny-tiny colorful houses radiating warmth and light, creating a family-friendly atmosphere. These streets mix together churches as old as 5th century and pieces of modern architecture oh-so-well, leaving you with a pleasing smile on your face. For example, New Tiflis is the reconstructed street of David the Builder  that you have to definitely walk on. First time I walked there made me think of Italian cities with beautiful, narrow streets I have always dreamed of visiting – same thing happens to you.

This place creates it’s own, different kind of atmosphere that consists of many details.

It could be the friendly voices, somehow familiar, even though you’ve never been in Tbilisi before, the noises that fill your heart with warmth, it could be the cute cafés, ice-cream shops, people rushing to places or people just wandering like you, the vivid colors or all the interesting buildings, all these little things, like chemical reactions create something way bigger

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  • Meidan
  • Narikala fortress
  • hardeni Street
  • Mosque
  • Sulfur Bath
  • Legviskhevi waterfall
  • Sameba Cathedral Church



Meidani is the place in the heart of Tbilisi and it can make you feel city’s true emotions. If you listen closely, you can even hear the heartbeat of Tbilisi.
Meidani was main place of middle ages’ Tbilisi, and it still has its old vibe to it, while also being contemporary center of the city. Meidani will leave you astonished, with so many options opening up to you all around. This huge space is surrounded by so many restaurants, cafes, little tourist shops and cozy, colorful houses and buildings. Cobblestone streets and aesthetically pleasing sights will guarantee your maximized tourist experience. Going for a walk there is whole experience, you will feel like you’re a character from your favorite fairytale, exploring wonderful places. From Meidani, you can also see Narikala and river Mtkvari. Often many festivals, markets, concerts and other fun events are held there, so get ready to explore!

Narikala Fortress
Narikala Fortress

Narikala is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Tbilisi, while also being mesmerizing place. It’s an Ancient castle, located in the middle of a mountain (Right in the middle of the city!) and it’s overlooking Tbilisi and the river flowing right through it. Narikala is a place where you can truly find magic. This magical, outstanding, huge castle was constructed in IV century and its function was to protect the city from the enemy during the war.
The castle itself is extremely interesting historical monument to visit, along with its church and gigantic gate/fence that goes around the castle. Fortunately, that’s not all! The view you see from the castle is another wonder. Whole Tbilisi with its little, cute cobblestone streets, colorful tiny houses, river, modern and ancient architecture mixed oh-so-well - all of this opens up in front of you. Spending your day at Narikala will make you fulfilled and filled with enjoyment. Just go, explore, listen to the little noises of the city and it will welcome you like it’s your own home.

Sameba Triniti Church
Sameba Triniti Church

Sameba is another magnificent church. In fact, it could be proud member of Seven wonders of the world, but its construction only finished in 2004. Sameba is this gigantic church complex that is located on a hill in tbilisi. This monastery will leave you speechless when you see it. Interior is another kind of magic. Spectacular shapes, vivid colors and its whole graciousness is something you should definitely see. Sameba is one of the most complete and astonishing architectural piece. It’s the tallest church in Georgia (86 meters in height).


  • 3 Hours Old Tbilisi tour,
  • Tour starts from Meidan and ends in Meidan.
  • Guide with positive energy
  • wine taste
  • Transportation
  • Cable car


3- 5 hours



Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Tbilisi, Georgia


what activities are possible on request?
Air ballooning-25 $ per person
Boating on the river Mtkvari-13$ per person
when starts the tour?
Tour is starts on request


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