What a weird thing to feel, to be loved by a city… If you ever want to experience this feeling, then welcome aboard to the city that loves you – Tbilisi.

Imagine waking up, sun shining through the blinds of your hotel room, you’re in a different place now; Monday morning has never been so pleasing. You get up, open your curtains and look out from your window, feeling the excitement running up and down your body, leaving goosebumps all over you, primary reason of it being the view from the window. Wonderful, colorful houses of Tbilisi, full of friendly inhabitants, river Mtkvari flowing down between two streets and bizarre, majestic architecture will leave you speechless. You breathe in the air and get ready to start your adventures of Tbilisi. You leave your hotel room and find a cozy café near, you sit outside, on a terrace, observing everyday life of lovely people of Tbilisi while enjoying your coffee. You get up and feel the rush of blood in your head, not because you stood up too fast, no, it’s because you realize that today might just be the best day of your life.

You start wandering in the magical streets of Tbilisi and on every step of your adventure you discover something new, something amazing. Narrow streets that are something else, packed with teeny-tiny colorful houses radiating warmth and light, creating a family-friendly atmosphere. These streets mix together churches as old as 5th century and pieces of modern architecture oh-so-well, leaving you with a pleasing smile on your face. For example, New Tiflis is the reconstructed street of David the Builder that you have to definitely walk on. First time I walked there made me think of Italian cities with beautiful, narrow streets I have always dreamed of visiting – same thing happens to you.
This place creates it’s own, different kind of atmosphere that consists of many details.
It could be the friendly voices, somehow familiar, even though you’ve never been in Tbilisi before, the noises that fill your heart with warmth, it could be the cute cafés, ice-cream shops, people rushing to places or people just wandering like you, the vivid colors or all the interesting buildings, all these little things, like chemical reactions create something way bigger, which is the friendly atmosphere of beautiful streets of Tbilisi. This atmosphere will make you feel like you are at home with your slippers and pajamas on.

Mtatsminda is another option to spend a lovely day in Tbilisi, It’s located on the highest point of Tbilisi, looking down on a city. Greatest way to visit Mtatsminda is the ropeway railway that connects Chonkadze Street and Mtatsminda Park. The length of the road is 501 m, and the height is 727 m above the sea level, but you reach your destination in only 3 mins! The railway is always packed with tourists, because it’s, indeed, very fun. On your way up to Mtatsminda wonderful view of the city opens up, which you can enjoy while you’re riding up. Once you get there, there are many options to wisely spend your time. There is an amusement park with many, many attractions, it is definitely the best option for both, adults and children to have some fun! Mtatsminda is perhaps the most beautiful at night, when the amazing Funicular is all light up and the view is literally perfect. Imagine seeing the whole city at night, so many lights, with the river flowing down in the middle. If you get hungry while you’re there, you can taste amazing Georgian cuisine at Funicular restaurant, the food will not disappoint you. Lucky you you’re in Tbilisi, because you get to taste the food that is well-known almost all over the world.

It’s the night time now, and you feel like your mission is not fully accomplished yet, you just wanna do something before you go crawling back to your hotel room, exhausted. Have you ever heard of the spectacular nightlife of Tbilisi? There’re so many night clubs or places you can visit at night and have an unforgettable time, one of those is Bassiani (Truly one of the best of Europe, guests from all over the world), the place which you’ve probably seen everywhere but never been in. In the movies, in your dreams..

There’re so many things to see in Tbilisi, 24 hours can never, ever be enough.

This city truly loves you and you have to love it back too, for this kind of love should not be neglected. The only thing you have to do to fall in love is to just visit it!

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