What if everything you ever loved suddenly appeared in one place - and what if we told you this place already exists?

Adjara – this sort of surreal place has a well-deserved status of being Georgia’s most popular tourist destination.

While Forrest Gump says that life is like a box of chocolates and you never know which flavor you are going to get (even the ones you don’t really like), life in heavenly Adjara remains completely opposite – this place is truly a pack of your favourite candies. Spectacular nature, friendly inhabitants, mesmerising nightlife and phenomenal dishes definitely make it a MUST VISIT place!

Batumi, heart of Adjara, creates strange, yet majestic combination of picturesque modern buildings and medieval architecture, making it look like a fantasy novel, with you being the main character. The little colorful streets with cafes and people with smiling, bright faces all over create a warm, welcoming environment where you’d want to stay forever.

The breathtaking nature of Adjara is a complete different story. It offers you stunning mountains with waterfalls, lakes and the freshest air you’ve ever tasted. One of the most enthralling places in Adjara that you can visit anytime is Batumi Botanical Garden, where you can see thousands of different species of plants that all come from different places all over the world. You will find the most unique and strangely beautiful plants there, hidden like little treasures.
You can also visit the wonderful Shekvetili and listen to the most shining stars of modern pop culture. Christina Aguilera, Vanessa-Mae, Scorpions, Aerosmith – this is an incomplete list of the artists who have already attracted thousands at Black Sea Arena. And now ELTON JOHN will perform for you this summer! This is a chance of a lifetime – don’t miss it!
If you ever get tired of swimming and tanning, you can take a relaxing bike ride in fascinating Batumi Boulevard, full of strange and moving sculptures, bewitching fountains and other attractions.
For sure, the boredom will never be your guest while you’re in Adjara, but we want to make sure that it’s completely shut down during your stay. Batumi Dolphinarium is the greatest way to have an awesome time – the show and the dolphins always keep spectators entertained. They are leaving the place speechless, with biggest smiles on their faces. Did you know that in Batumi Dolphinarium you can also swim with a dolphin? So, there you go, another thing to cross off your bucket list!
Adjara, with its inexpressible beauty, is also exceptionally interesting and thought-provoking place, full of stories ready to be told and histories behind places and things.
Whenever you get hungry, satisfy your taste buds by eating the most wonderful dishes of Adjara, like the well-known Adjarian Khachapuri – boat-shaped baked pastry with tons of out-of-this-world CHEESE, topped with an egg. Your joyful life in Adjara will be accompanied with delightful soundtracks of famous artists playing at different world class venues.
Each and every chocolate flavor of Adjara is waiting for you to taste them, so get ready and get excited, you are about to have the best time of your life!


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