Who are we?

Book Georgia Travel is a tour company completed by the team of professionals with 5 years of experience

What do we have to offer?

We offer exciting tours Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, with transportation, accommodation, and unforgettable memories guaranteed.

Our Values

Since 2016, we make sure that the customer gets the full experience while traveling. The most important thing for us is that our clients are at the peak of their happiness while in a country, leaving full of positive emotions, experience, and memories. We do everything to create comfort for the customer and maximized experience of exploring the country.

Our Vision

To spread joy and happiness whilst travelling during this Journey called life.

Love is the Food of Life, Travel is the Dessert!

Cultural Heaven – This tour is a cultural tour of the country – the food for your mind. Discover the most interesting, beautiful, bewildering traditions of Georgia, Art and literature that dates back to as far as the IV century. Amazing folk music and traditional dances will sweep you off your feet.

For Strong, Independent Women – Our tour company also offers Traveler Ladies Club. Only for women who are ready for a journey, not afraid to take risks and eager to learn the secrets of the world! The driver and guide are also  women.

Your Well-deserved Rest – This one is mostly for the retired, or people who just want to have a relaxed, calm journey. Life truly begins after 40, you will realize it while you’re on your most tranquil, serene and untroubled holiday tour.

Liquid Sent By Gods Above – Georgia is most famous for its wine-making traditions and Wine in General. This is a wine tour where you get to taste all kinds of different wines in Georgia and get to know its history and unique art of making it.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go – This is a tour that specializes in hiking. Georgia’s insanely beautiful nature with its fairy forests, tranquil lakes, bluest sea, astounding mountains, flowery valleys, and starry skies will definitely do its job and during your whole trip, you’ll feel inexpressible things.

Even the Places You Can’t Really Go – This Jeep tour is to take you anywhere you want, even the hardest to reach places!

For Bike Lovers Out There! – For ones who love biking/cycling. Here’s a chance for you to discover marvelous Georgia on your bike.

For Your Body, Mind, and Soul – We also offer Yoga tours, which will slowly bring peace to your body, mind, soul and cleanse your organism from all the toxic that is in there, starting from food and finishing to thought.

Just You in the Neverland – Individual tour where you get to explore the country full of adventures.

Family Fun – Tour for the families. Most amazing family time while traveling in marvelous places.

Sharing is Caring – This tour offers you to share your experience and excitement with others! A tour for people who want to travel in groups. (It’s double the fun)

For those who “ain’t” afraid of risks – This tour is for extreme lovers and risk-takers! You will experience all kinds of extreme and feel the rush of adrenaline in your blood. (zip-line, paragliding, hot air balloons, mountain biking, freeriding, mountain climbing, and more unforgettable experiences.)

Healthy You = Happy You – the tour that is especially good for your health and affects the body positively.

May Cause Drooling – This tour focuses on the amazing Cuisine of Georgia. Interesting dishes like Khinkali – Seasoned Meat with cooked Pastry, Khachapuri – Baked pastry with cheese that melts in your mouth.

Magical World of Underwater – In Georgia there’re caves and canyons so deep and hidden that no human has ever visited. There’s also the world’s deepest cave in Georgia, nobody has reached its bottom yet (Kruberi Mghvime). You’ll have an opportunity to go scuba-diving in Martvili Canyon, featuring its most majestic caves, ivy branches hanging from the fern-covered cliffs, waterfalls, and streams falling down from steeps.

For Young Hearts – Tour for young people where they get to experience the craziest holiday they’ve ever been in!

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