Know Before You Go

Georgia is a Tiny country, located between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It’s bordered by the black sea from the west, north by Russia, south by Armenia and Turkey, southeast by Azerbaijan.Not many people have heard of Georgia – This place is sort of like Neverland, hiding somewhere,secretly, in a place that is a dream come true. People who’ve visited Georgia are already in love, and the country loves them back. The experience you get here is truly unforgettable and will last your whole, entire life. What makes it so special, you ask? The answer is pretty simple, EVERYTHING.

Georgia is one of the most aesthetically pleasing country you’ll visit. Let’s start by breathtaking Caucasus mountains, with the highest point of 5,462 meters above sea level. Georgia’s mountains’ beauty will leave you mind-blown, speechless.
The nature of Georgia is something else. The most tranquil lakes, color of the bluest blue will make you calm and cleanse your soul, greenest forests, skies packed with stars. Your lungs will want more and more of that fresh, clean air as you breathe in and breathe out, your eyes will want to see more and more beauty and Georgia has it all.

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